9 Reasons to eat more nuts

want to live a longer,happier and healthier life. so its time to start stepping away from the biscuit tin and start introducing more nuts to your diet.if you snack on nuts,you are less likely to fill up on unhealthy sugary or fatty snacks.

  1. you’ll live longer: eat half a handful of nuts everyday and you’re less likely to die prematurely.that is according to a brand new study from maastricht university,which looked at 120,000 people,aged between 55 and 69,over a 10-year period.those who ate at least 10g nuts daily had an average 23% lower change of dying during that time.
  2. have a healthier heart:daily serving of nuts can cut risk of heart diseases by nearly a third,according to a major review,published in the American journal of clinical nutrition ,nuts contain a heart-boosting mixture of essential fatty acids,vitamins and minerals.
  3. you’ll keep hunger at bay:we know what you thinking;of course eating something-anything-is likely to stop you feeling hungry.but opting for 1.5oz almonds-thats about 30 nuts-satisfies hunger pangs without causing weight gain.nutrient-rich almonds leave you feeling fuller for longer,so although those 30 nuts contain 250 calories,you won’t be tempted to overeat later that day.
  4. nuts could help fighting cancer:numerous studies hame demonstrated the apparent cancer-fighting properties of nuts.lets take walnuts,for example.diets rich in walnuts or walnut oil may help slow the growth of prostate cancer,say us researchers from UC davie. another recent Harvard study found that walnuts may slow the spread of colon cancer.
  5. you could boost your brain power:while we’re on the topic of walnuts;they can help improve your memory,concentration,information and processing,says a study from the David gaffe school of medicine in the US.walnuts are the only nuts that provide a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid(ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that contributes to brain and heart.
  6. you may prevent food poisoning:a daily handful of peanuts can improve gut health and boost the body’s ability to ward of bugs,according to a research from the university of Maryland. scientists found that flour made from peanut kernel stimulate the growth of stomach-friendly infection.
  7. you’ll sleep better:fancy a bedtime snack?try a couple of brazil nuts.they’re rich in the essential minerals selenium and potassium, both of which have been linked to a good night’s slumber. the chances of experiencing sleep problems are reduced by 20% when selenium intake is doubled.and upping your mineral intake will also make you less tired throughout the day.
  8. you could lower you risk of diabetes:we’ve already mentioned how snacking on nuts instead of cakes or biscuits can help keep your weight in check.this in turn lowers risk of type two diabetes . antioxidant-rich walnuts in particular have been linked to a significant drop in diabetes risk.a major Harvard study found that women ate 28g walnuts at least twice a week were 24% less likely to develop the condition.
  9. you’ll ward of gallstones:tree nuts-such as almonds,hazelnuts,pecans and walnuts-contain high levels of essential fatty acids that help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood stream.this of course,is one of the reasons why nuts are good for the heart.and because cholesterol plays a major role in formation of the gallstones, a nut-rich diet can prevent the condition from developing in the fist place.