Besides the fact that they TG — taste great — nuts are good for you. They’re high in unsaturated fat and protein content with a relatively low carbohydrate content.   What a quality assurance person/company will do is to take random sampling of the RCN you are interested in buying, cut them and then analyze the RCN in order to arrive at their KOR, moisture level and other relevant information. This is a vital test that should be conducted before the exporter buys the RCN. It will help the exporter know whether or not the RCN meet, or can meet, his buyer’s specification, the amount he should pay for that quality of RCN and general information about the RCN he is about to buy.

The key things to watch out for, and for which results will be got during the quality test, are:

  • The size of the nuts- that is, the nut count;
  • The dryness of the RCN- that is, the moisture content;
  • The ratio of good nuts;
  • The ratio of rotten nuts;
  • The ratio of spotted nuts;
  • The ratio of immature nuts; and
  • The Kernel Out-turn Ration (KOR)